Published on 4 October 2017


This new version is an important milestone of stability for Drupal 8. It adds under-the-hood improvements to enable stable releases of key contributed modules for layouts, media, and calendaring. Many other core experimental modules have also become stable in this release, including modules for displaying form errors inline and managing workflows.

The release includes several very important fixes for content revision data integrity as well as an update to stop the deletion of orphaned files that was causing data loss for many sites, alongside numerous improvements for site builders and content authors.

Experimental modules that are now stable

  • Inline Form Errors
  • Datetime Range, this stable release is backwards-compatible with the Drupal 8.3.x experimental, good news!
  • Layout Discovery API
  • Media API, based on the Media Entity contributed module
  • Moderation and workflows

Javascript changes

Among the changes, we now have support for ES6.

Content authoring

Save button on 8.3.x

Save button before Drupal 8.4.x

Save button on 8.4.0

Save button after Drupal 8.4.x

Core version