Updated on 4 July 2018

Getting involved guide

There are several ways to contribute

Read more on the Getting Involved Guide

This post from Hook 42 is also an excellent onboarding.

Find development tasks

The Drupal development roadmap is targeted towards Drupal contributors hoping to jump in and make the next release a success. For an overview of the high level strategic focus areas in Drupal core for a more general audience, see strategic initiatives. For a full list of efforts that core contributors are working on, see community initiatives.

Creating a Drupal account will give you access on Drupal.org for contribution but also on Drupal Groups, Drupal Jobs and Drupal Association websites.

Create a Drupal account  Contributor Tasks

Contribution starter kit

Contribution cards

The community produced the Sprint Participant Role Task Cards, a gamified way to introduce contribution.

They can be used during event sprints, but they are clear enough to start on your own.

While following the sprint cards, you will evolve through contribution roles:

  1. Explorer: You are familiar with Drupal and ready to start exploring Drupal 8.
  2. Community Contributor: You are an Explorer and ready to give back to Drupal 8.
  3. Issue Mover: Your are a Community Contributor and ready to start moving Drupal 8 issues forward.
  4. Developer: You are an Issue Mover and ready to dig into some Drupal 8 code.
  5. Mentor: You are an Issue Mover or Developer and are ready to help others learn to contribute too.

Download the sprint cards [pdf] or get the plain text version

DRUD also posted a nice Open Source Contribution Sprint Guide

Novices starting points

Install the contribute module

The Contribute module adds a 'Community information' section to Drupal's status report (/admin/reports/status) which encourages individuals and organizations to join the Drupal community, become members of the Drupal Association, and contribute to Drupal projects, events, and more.


Find a mentor

When you arrive at sprints, ask for the friendly people that can help you to get started. They are most of the time well indicated and announced.

Get help about contribution on IRC and Slack

Find support on the #drupal-contribute IRC channel.

IRC clients

Or use Slack


Chrome extension that provides helpers for Drupal.org contribution. Since November 2017, it is available in Firefox, sweet!

Dreditor (short for Drupal editor and pronounced /'dɹɛdɪtə/) started as a simple idea for a (GreaseMonkey) browser user script to help module maintainers, Drupal core maintainers, and developers in general to review patches on . Dreditor provides multiple applications/helpers for drupal.org and implements a concept of applications/namespaces/modules. The user script can re-use all available data on drupal.org as well as common Drupal development practices.

Contrib Kanban

A project from Matt Glaman that turns Drupal.org issue queues into a kanban board for community sprints!

Drupal Contrib Kanban board for the ACL module


ContribKanban.com: What's next

Drupal Association

The Drupal Association is dedicated to fostering and supporting the Drupal software project, the community and its growth. We help the Drupal community with funding, infrastructure, education, promotion, distribution and online collaboration at Drupal.org.

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