Updated on 21 October 2017

Contents and features coming in the next weeks/months there is no fixed schedule at this time.

Updates will be posted on Twitter and on the Changelog.


  • Overall documentation improvement
  • Separate site building and development tasks into separated entities to make them searchable and commentable per item.
  • Improve development best practices section
  • Improve content modelling guidelines
  • Add theming best practices
  • Drupal project management and budget
  • Drupal architecture in brief
  • Books review
  • Code snippets
  • Service providers


  • Relation between projects and articles
  • Articles filters: topic, author
  • Get a fast overview of projects with filtering and sorting
    • short description, stars, installation, stability
    • maintenance status: which project is looking for co / new maintainers
  • Improve projects relations and metadata
  • More like this to allow cross content type suggestions (related modules and articles, ...)
  • Relation between service providers and articles
  • Open to collaboration
  • Recommend articles (vote)
  • User feed
  • Showcase of works
  • Translation of the documentation
  • Autocomplete full text search
  • Use Drupal.org API to get projects meta data
  • ...

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