Updated on 14 October 2017


This website is a personal initiative that has no direct link with Drupal.org, apart from the inspiration that gives the community in my daily life.

Drupal.org is a gold mine of documentation when you know where to look but, as a newcomer, you can quickly be overwhelmed by the amount of contents and the learning curve.

It comes from the observation that, as a developer from another technology stack, it took me some time and the luck of meeting the right persons to be aware of the richness of the Drupal ecosystem and the people that make it live.

So, to take a programming analogy, this site intends to act like a facade on the Drupal ecosystem.

 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Planet Drupal


  • Accelerate onboarding time by providing a starting point for newcomers: reduce the documentation to the essential (tools, best practices, Drupal concepts and drupalisms, contribution, ...).
  • Compare with other solutions and give you the arguments to convince (or not) your client, your manager or yourself.
  • Produce a maintainable documentation base, that could be eligible for translation
  • Expose Drupal service providers and events.

The name Drupal Ship

Being a Star Trek fan, I definitely wanted to set a reference to space.

Well, the real reason is that Drupal.org provides a blog aggregator on https://www.drupal.org/planet, so I wanted to hold a reference to this well known resource that demonstrates how active the community is.