composer require drupal/devel

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Experience needed

Devel, Devel Generate Kint and Webprofiler modules

They all come with the Devel module.

  • Devel - Helper functions for Drupal developers
  • Devel Generate - Accelerate development of your site or module by quickly generating nodes, comments, terms, users, and more. See also the Demo Content module below.
  • Kint - pretty print of variables with. kint($my_var)
  • Web Profiler - Port of the Symfony WebProfiler Bundle as a Drupal 8 module, do not use the standalone module, it is now part of the Devel module. Just FYI, see also the new 3.1 Symfony debug toolbar.

Devel toolbar

Devel toolbar

Devel Generate content

Devel generate content


Pro-tip: click on the '+' to open recursively (not recommended on the main $args in this case)

Kint open all

click on the toolbar to open only what is under

Kint open current


Web Profiler

Web Profiler

Web Profiler Timeline

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